Ah, flowers! There are few things more colourful and naturally-beautiful than fresh, finely cultivated flowers. From their incredible bursts of colour to the rich fragrances that they bring, fresh flowers are simply fantastic.

wild-flowersYet another great thing about flowers is, of course, the pure variety. You have so many different flowers to choose from, and yet, chances are, you only have so much space in your garden. Which flowers should you plant, then? Well, the short answer is, “whatever kind you want,” but for a longer answer, here are four of the hottest varieties of flowers for gardeners or growers to plant, cultivate and love today!

  1. Sunflowers: What better way to celebrate the summer season than by planting some bright and beautiful sunflowers? This is a very sun-happy type of flower—as you might guess from the name—and the bright yellow colour scheme can attract bees. Now, for some, that might be a turn-off, but a small amount of bees and their cross-pollination work can do a lot of good for your garden.
  2. Roses: Ah, roses. Is there any more classic choice when romance is in the air? From the classic romances of Arthurian legend to the sumptuous tales of Jane Austen, white, pink, and especially red roses have long stood as one of the classic signifiers of romantic engagement. What’s more, for those interested in history and theatre alike, there’s a further reason to plant roses—namely, for the War of the Roses. Red and white roses came to stand as signifiers of the storied Houses of York and Lancaster during the course of the war for the English throne, as dramatized—and, in so doing, fictionalizing to a great extent—by William Shakespeare. Richard III is one of the great plays in the Shakespearean canon, and between that, the history, and the romantic connotations, there’s a whole wide world of reasons to plant roses this summer.
  3. Lilies: From Shakespearean drama and Austen-esque romances to the small screen, the hit TV show Breaking Bad has highlighted this type of flower, thereby causing its popularity to sky-rocket once again.
  4. Poppies: If you live in Southern California, one of the hottest locales in the nation at the moment, then chances are you know about poppies, and may have even gone to the region’s famed Poppy Festival. From their sleek regal, orange looks to their soaring popularity, there’s a lot to like about these fashionable flowers.
The Top Four Flowers To Plant This Gardening Season
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